Bureau étude et ingénierie

Our last orders:

• Geodetic service of the national road no. 7 construction – Olsztynek – Nidzica (18 km),
• geodetic service of the national road no. 7 construction – Kalsk – Miłomłyn (36 km),
• geodetic service of the Gdańsk south bypass construction (18 km),
• geodetic service of the A1 expressway construction – Nowe Marzy – Toruń (14 teams),
• geodetic service of the water-park construction in Słupsk,
• geodetic service of the Gdansk railway viaduct renovation and construction – st. Jana z Kolna,
• geodetic service of the Węgorzewo – Gołdap,
• geodetic service of the Olecko – Kowale Oleckie,
• geodetic service of the Inowrocław bypass,
• geodetic service of the A1 expressway construction -Toruń – Włocławek (geodetic supervision),
• geodetic service of the Kościerzyna bypass construction.

Knowledge and experience

Nowadays, high-tech world of the construction industry, differs from the past solutions. Specialistic software and various systems, that are supporting machinery work, are needed more and more frequently. Mentioned solutions are familiar to our team, who for many years was improving their skills and knowledge by taking part in well-known and extremely demanding „A1” project – national expressway construction. During A1 project, 3D systems were applied on a large scale for the first time in Poland.

Our company has developed its own style of work. Combining prepared projects and measurements, we are able to create proffessional, virtual 3D models that enables to track work progress at any time and place.

We have the most modern: measuring equipment, iT, and software programs. We have the latest class GPS receivers (Leica Viva, Trimble R-series), the most modern electronic total stations (Leica TS, Trimble S-series).

We offer:

  • 3D machine control consultations,
  • preparing drafts and 3D models (NMT),
  • volume measurement,
  • inspection measurements and calculations,
  • geodetic service of construction projects,
  • geodetic service of road investments,
  • setting out and calculation of geodetic control networks,
  • GPS Measurement.
The confirmation of our high quality services You can find in the „testimonials” section, where we posted examples of the more important orders.